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Comic Books

Lots of beautiful and evocative mermaid-inspired fantasy projects with a few superheroes thrown in for good measure.

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Graphic Novels

Exciting upcoming graphic novel projects in the superhero, fantasy and social realism genres, initiated in Australia for a global audience.

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Fiction and non-fiction short story and full length book credits, starting in the crime, esoteric and horror genres.

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Visual storytelling workshops for comics conventions, writers' centres, festivals, libraries and schools customised for your audience.


  • "Julie Ditrich is a person of great personal and professional integrity. She has an established reputation as a leader and creator within the Australian literary community." LYNNE SPENDER, former Executive Director of the Australian Society of Authors and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association
  • Julie Ditrich's role as a leader in the comics/graphic novels arm of the Australian writing and publishing sector demonstrates her dedication and commitment not only to her craft, but to the development of others." DR ANITA HEISS, Author and social commentator
  • "Julie is well-known as an editor of the highest calibre… Over the past 25 years when I have worked on various journals, articles and books she has always been my go-to person to find ‘typos’, structural and grammatical problems and to advise on content." DR LINDSAY DUNCAN, Registered Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • "When writing a testimonial about Julie Ditrich, several words come to mind… Professional, quality, integrity… For me,  Julie has experience, passion an indomitable creative spirit and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.  Recommended without question." ALAN DAVIDSON, Director Alan Davidson Publicity
  • “Julie played an essential role in helping us get our publishing venture up and running… She understood where we wanted to go and provided great advice on how to get there. Recommend her thoroughly.” BADEN KIRGAN, Director, Jeffries Printing Services
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