Comics Shorts

Title: “Fade” in Youkie Magazine #22
Genre: Contemporary social realism “Slice of Life”
Readership: Kids 8 to 12+
Synopsis: What happens to 12 year old school captain Emme Mahoney when all her friends and teachers begin expecting too much of her?
Editor: Nicky Shortridge
Publisher: Youkie Magazine
Year of Publication: 2023
Format: Short comics story
Edition: First
Price: TBA
Story Length: Six pages
Story and Script: Julie Ditrich
Art: Angie Spice
Lettering: Stephen (Es Kay) Kok
Copyright Information: Story and characters are Copyright © Julie Ditrich, 2023. All art is Copyright © Angie Spice, 2023. All rights reserved worldwide. With the exception of artwork used for review purposes, reproduction of any part of the contents of this publication, without the written consent of the authors is prohibited.
Availability: COMING SOON! Available from the Youkie website.

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