Graphic Novels

Here are Julie’s upcoming graphic novel credits.

The Super Australians: Djiniri

Title: The Super Australians
Editor: Christopher Sequeira
Chapter: “Djiniri”
Chapter Story and Script: Julie Ditrich
Art: Marcelo Baez
Genre: Superhero
Synopsis: A graphic chapter-novel in the grand tradition of superhero team sagas, created by 12 combos of writer and artist, totalling 24 main creators (and a couple of able, supporting guest-talents); an assemblage of 26 of some of Australia’s most loved and accomplished comics writers and artists!

Twelve Australian superheroes stand against 12 menaces in every State, Territory, and geographical clime of Australia from parched deserts to the ice-covered Australian Antarctic Territory. These heroes—six males and six females–represent diverse ages, ethnicities and walks of life and an impressive array of super powers or special abilities possessed in this strange, wide, brown land of ours.

And these warriors will need every bit of inspiration and energy they have to deal with sinister villains that have been deployed to serve a dark mastermind who wants to strike malevolently at the very existence of their home nation: The Land Beneath the Southern Cross. Can a dozen very different champions resist the darkness? For, if even one fails, the future may be written in the stars, and that future may be disastrous.
Publisher: Black House Comics and IFWG Publishing
Year of Publication: 2019
Format: Graphic Novel – “Superjam”
Edition: First
Price: AUD$30
Length: 114 pages
Chapter Synopsis: A genie on the run from her dangerous nemesis who has tracked her over 1200 years from the Middle East to the deserted Pinnacles in Western Australia must attempt to not only escape the trap he set for her but also rescue a family facing annihilation.
Chapter Length: Six pages
Availability: Second Extended Edition will be released in 2023.

Copyright Information: “Djiniri” story and characters are Copyright © Julie Ditrich, 2019. All “Djiniri” art is Copyright © Marcelo Baez, 2019. All rights reserved worldwide. With the exception of artwork used for review purposes, reproduction of any part of the contents of this publication, without the written consent of the authors is prohibited.

Australia: “The Lake”

Australia is a short story anthology in graphic novel format, featuring the creme of Australian comics creators. Book profits go towards benefitting BeyondBlue, the Australian initiative to help reduce the impact of depression and anxiety in the community.

Australia CoverTitle: Australia
Short Story Title: “The Lake”
Short Story and Script: Julie Ditrich
Short Story Art: Peter Fairfax
Genre: Literary
Synopsis: “The Lake” is a 5-page comics short story about a young woman’s relationship to the beautiful lake she walks around every day, and how it evokes her imagination and stimulates her sociability. The story also examines how one moment in time can spin around a person’s world viewpoint and alter perception.
Publisher: Comicoz
Year of Publication: 2015
Format: Graphic Novel Short Story Anthology
Edition: Coffee table book
Price: AUD$35 (including postage & handling in Australia; additional fees apply for overseas postage)
Anthology Length: 92 pages
Story Length: Five pages
Availability: Available from the ComicOz website.

Copyright Information: Story and characters are Copyright © Julie Ditrich, 2015. All art is Copyright © Peter Fairfax, 2015. All rights reserved worldwide. With the exception of artwork used for review purposes, reproduction of any part of the contents of this publication, without the written consent of the authors is prohibited.



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