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Copyright, Trade Mark and Designs

All content on the Julie Ditrich website including graphics, likenesses, names, text, photographs and artwork (with the exception of royalty free images licensed from Shutterstock), titles, logos, or other are the exclusive property of Julie Ditrich unless where otherwise expressly stated (see Copyright Information in Published Works below).


As noted, the content of this site is copyright Julie Ditrich, 2015-2019.

Material may not be downloaded, uploaded, altered, reproduced, broadcast, distributed, or otherwise used in any way for non-commercial or commercial use without the prior written consent of Julie or associated copyright holders.

The only exception to the general rule is the following.

Only images from the Image Gallery in the Julie Ditrich Media Centre can be downloaded, published or shared in an unaltered form for review, media coverage or promotional purposes through social media, blogs, review sites, or electronic or printed review publications where there are no commercial applications with these usages.

If you are unsure, please provide a list of the specific material you wish to use and your intended use/s and direct your enquiries in writing to:
or to:
Julie Ditrich, PO Box 827, NARELLAN NSW 1235 Australia.

Accuracy of the Information

Though Julie Ditrich has attempted to ensure that information released online is correct, she does not warrant the accuracy of all material, and takes no responsibility for loss or damage incurred from or arising from any of the website content.

Contributions to the Website

Correspondence and contributions including testimonials by ordinary mail, fax, email or other means can be reproduced for any purpose by Julie Ditrich including for promotional or commercial purposes without reference, acknowledgement or payment to you. Furthermore, the use of this material does not imply or state any personal or business relationship between the contributor and Julie Ditrich.

Unsolicited Material

Julie Ditrich will not accept any unsolicited creative project submissions of any kind for any reason, and takes no responsibility for any individual or organisation sending in material contrary to these terms. Any unsolicited submissions will remain unread and will be destroyed.

Copyright Information in Published Works

A copyright statement is attached to each published title within the Body of Work pages of this website.

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