Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not, an anthology of original Sherlock Holmes stories, will be launched in Melbourne at Supanova Comic Con signing on Friday 5 to Sunday 7 April 2019. Edited by author and comics writer Christopher Sequeira and published by Gerry Huntman’s imprint IFWG Publishing, this book features a collection of short stories by Australian and international writers including Nancy Holder, Dennis (Denny) O’Neil, Will Murray, Ron Fortier, Rafe McGregor, Andrew Salmon, I A Watson, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Brad Mengel, Philip Cornell and Julie Ditrich. The premise for each story is: What would happen if, rather than working with Doctor Watson, Sherlock Holmes worked alongside another famous doctor from either history or fiction to solve a case? Some of the fabulous doctors featured in the anthology include Doc Holliday, Doctor Henry Jekyll, and Doctor John Seward. Julie Ditrich’s story “The Adventure of the Walk-Out Wardrobe” focuses on the real life character of Doctor Theodore Moriarty who was the inspiration for Dion Fortune’s detective of metaphysical mysteries—Doctor Taverner. Also available at the signing will be a limited edition (only 100 sets published) set of 14 amazing art prints, one for each story, as well as the foreword of the book. The book will have a world wide release on 14 June 2019. More information HERE.

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