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    Welcome SignWelcome to the Julie Ditrich website.

    I have been working as a writer, editor and publications manager for over 20 years and have freelanced since 2004. I have attracted most of my work, which is only partly represented here, via word-of-mouth so up to now I have spent time constructing other people’s websites rather than my own. Having said that, I am having several breakthroughs in my life right now and want to celebrate it by establishing my digital presence beyond social media and, at the same time, extending an offer to help you achieve your personal or professional goals via the written word.

    For those of you who do not know me or the services I offer, I have four areas of publications expertise. On one level they seem incongruent but they are connected in one way or another because my professional journey allowed me to specialise in them. Those niches are:

    1. Visual Storytelling (AKA “comics”, “graphic narrative”, and “visual narrative”)
    2. Self Development (AKA “personal growth”, “self-help”, “mind body spirit”, “self enrichment” and “popular psychology”)
    3. Life Stories (AKA “memoirs” and “bios”)
    4. Corporate Histories (this includes research, writing and editing, and book project management).

    Surprisingly, each set of skills are often transferable to other categories to provide refreshing takes on written material. I worked as a hypnotherapist for 11 years in parallel with my publishing career and found that I ended up attracting a specific set of clients with similar presenting symptoms. As a consequence I began to specialise in working with that group. I suspect the same may happen in the next phase of my writing and editing career as some specialities make way for others. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    For the moment I want to focus on delivering the highest quality work to you. This is the foundation to all that I do. I am committed to providing you with written, edited, researched or published work that reflects clarity, passion and purpose.

    Just connect if you want to start a conversation about how I can do that for you.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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